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A Curator

When you hear that word you might think of a museum, the person charged with putting together a collection of artefacts to illustrate some aspect of history, to tell the story of a period in time

I think in that regard I am a curator too, a curator of memories. During each wedding I'm documenting events to create a set of visual memories that tell the story of your wedding day


 In this gallery is a selection of images that I've curated from my portfolio to illustrate my style of documentary wedding photography. The aim is to show you what I see and why I take the photographs that I do. 

You can always see my latest work on the blog along with hints and tips to help you plan your day's all about people

This first image is a perfect illustration of what I strive to achieve, a wonderful moment from a wedding that says so much about relationships.

The Groom is giving his speech which was in turns both funny and emotional.  Rather than people sitting down for the speeches everyone was standing on the dance-floor and the Bride is to the left, her parents in the middle of the frame. As I recall, her new husband had just said how wonderful his new wife was. She couldn't help but turn around to look at her proud Mum, her Dad with a reassuring arm around her shoulder.

It's the kind of image which is guaranteed to bring memories every time it's seen. It's full of emotion and speaks of pride and love  

Observation, not orchestration

'But don't you need to pose people to get great shots?' is something that I'm asked. My answer is no.

For me, the secret of great photography is to 'see' the shot. To watch, to observe and to anticipate and then to capture the perfect moment, at the perfect time. Sometimes it's easy to get too focused on the 'main event' and so you miss the reactions and the responses from everyone else. For example, during the wedding ceremony, of course the couple are the main focus. But you also get wonderful reactions from their family and friends. This is where anticipation and seeing the shot come in to play to create a complete version of the wedding story

Happiness & Laughter, Tears of Joy, and Human Interaction

Weddings have it all, they can sometimes be an emotional roller coaster. Perhaps nerves and anticipation in the morning becoming excitement as the moment arrives. After the ceremony there's the sense of relief that it all went to plan and a great sense of joy and love from all who served witness.


The drinks reception is a time to relax and to catch up with friends and family perhaps not seen for a long time. The speeches usually bring humour,  often emotion and it's a wonderful time to capture reactions.    

Then we head into the evening and more guests to see, the first dance and general fun on the dance-floor.  

At the heart of all of these events are people, human beings interacting with each other in celebration of a marriage

So with all of these wonderful things going on who needs to be posed?!!

Want to see more?

Thank you for taking the time to look through this gallery and read about my approach

You can see my latest work and whole weddings on the blog, have a look at some engagements shoots in the 'In Love' gallery or get in touch if you'd like to chat

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