Some of your questions answered

There are all sort of things that people have asked when deciding about their documentary wedding photography so I've tried to answer some of the most common questions here.

But if there's anything at all that you'd like to know that isn't covered then please, just ask

What's your approach to photographing our wedding?

Well, I try to cover some of that off here, but in short, it's mainly about unposed, candid and very natural shots, that's what documentary wedding photography is all about

It's your wedding day which you've probably spent months or even years planning. So my aim is to photograph your day as it happens, not to take a series of staged photographs that could have been taken at anyone's wedding.

I try to be as unobtrusive as possible to capture shots 'in the moment' to give you a wondeful collection of memories to look back on

Do you take group shots?

If you'd like some group shots then I'll happily taken them for you!


I don't think I've ever photographed a wedding where there haven't been some formal group shots but I do suggest trying to keep them to a minimum to avoid them taking up a big chunk of your day trying to hunt down Great Uncle Charlie or whoever it is that's required for the next shot and gone AWOL!


If it's the typical full group shot, bride's family, grooms family, both sets of parents, bridal party and then groomsmen then half an hour should be more than enough for these

How long should we allow for couples photos?

Although I'll be taking lots of photos of the two of you throughout the day you'd be surprised how much of it you're not actually together! Once you start circulating round and chatting to friends and family you're not actually together that often.


So I think it's lovely to make some time, during the drinks reception ideally, for us to go off and get some shots of just the two of you. Don't worry, it's not a modelling shoot! There's no posing required. It's about finding a nice place, away from your guests, for you to enjoy some time together as newlyweds with me hovering around (discreetly!) getting some nice shots of you. Then it's back to the party!

What if it rains?!

Well, there is never any guarantee about the weather so it's always good to have a back up plan. A chat with your venue about what has happened at previous weddings when the weather has been inclement will usually give some useful suggestions.


From my point of view I'll work around you and the weather. Come rain or shine you'll still be getting married, there'll be bridal prep, a drinks reception, a wedding breakfast and cake & dancing in the evening. It's just the location for some of these things that might have to change if it rains. A stormy sky can actually be a stunning backdrop for some photos of the two of you and a photograph of you both, arm in arm, strolling along under an umbrella can look really romantic.


So it would be foolish to assume that it won't rain, but certainly not the end of the world if it does 

What if your camera breaks or your memory card fails?!

I have to say that I'm very conscious of the need to think about different eventualities and have back up plans in place which will hopefully give you reassurance. During the wedding I'm using two cameras, primarily to give me a choice of lenses but it also means that I can still continue shooting if I have a problem with one of them until I can switch to the spare equipment I carry with me. The cameras I use also have dual memory card slots so every shot I take is in fact being recorded twice. So, if a memory card should fail I still have the other card. 


As soon as I get home from a wedding I start to back up the images, not once, not twice but three times with one of these being securely backed up to the cloud so they're stored off site. 

I think that all of these steps give me a pretty robust safety net to ensure that I'm not vulnerable to any techincal mishap

Are you insured?

Following on from the techncial back up procedures I also have full liability and professional indemnity insurance in place as extra piece of mind

How many images will we get?

Every wedding is different but typically I'm supplying each couple with  somewhere between 450-600 images from their day.


I certainly don't work to a quota and stop shooting because I've reached your limit! 

When will we receive our images after our wedding day?

There's a process that I go through after each wedding to select the images to edit (some are blurred, duplicates, unusable etc) and then edit each image in turn by hand.


Typically it takes me about 4-6 weeks to finish each set of images although during the peak season this might be longer.


I do aim to have a small selection of images edited within a day or two of your wedding and post these on my social media as a little sneak preview!

Are there any restrictions as to what we can do with our images once we receive them?

The images are provided to you with full print release which means that you are able to do as you wish with them for personal use, i.e print them,  make an album or share them on social media.


What I do ask is that if other wedding vendors request images that you refer them to me and I will provide them with the necessary images

How long are you there for on our wedding day and do you work on your own or with an assistant?

I base each wedding around being with you for about 10 hours, usually starting at about 10.30am for bridal preparation and then finishing at about 8.30pm after the first dance. This covers all of the key elements of the day to ensure that your photographs tell your wedding story. If you've got an especially early or late ceremony then we can have a chat about the best times for me to be there. I do normally work on my own as this allows me to be as unobtrusive as possible. You also know that it's 'my eye' that you're getting to photography your wedding.


Occasionally people request an additional photographer or 'second shooter' perhaps because it's a really big wedding or they also want groom prep photographing. The arrangements for this are done by me and I'll select someone with a similar shooting style to my own. I do all the editing for consistancy  so your finished images will all the look the same


Do we get to meet you before the wedding and what if you've never worked at our venue before?

The answer to the first question is 'I hope so!' and the second is 'that really isn't a problem!'

Part of the package is that we meet about 4-6 weeks before your wedding, ideally at the venue. If that's not possible then I can usually come and see you at home and if that isn't going to work then we can use Skype! Because I'm photographing your day as it happens it really doesn't matter if I've worked at your venue before or not. I'm looking out for emotion, tears, laughter and all the things that happen on your wedding day not setting up shots that I know have worked before. It is useful for me to have seen your venue in advance to be familiar with the layout but Google images is a great resource if it's not been possible to visit

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