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Dads....Shushh...Mother's Day is coming!!

If you're a Dad then let me tell you a secret......Mums... love... photos



I mean they LOVE them



Especially family photos



And if it's the whole family in the photo then "DING, DING, DING", you've hit the jackpot!!!




Now, if you're anything like me you probably don't like having your photograph taken. But you quite like the idea of having some photos with the kids and you know that your other half LOVES the idea of having some photos with the children


If you've got young children then you might be thinking about what to buy on their behalf for Mother's Day. If you've not started thinking about it then you might want to start because you've not got long!!



Maybe when the subject of 'getting some family photos taken' is mentioned you imagine sitting in a studio, trying to get the kids to sit still, being told to 'say cheeeese' for the camera. Or perhaps you've been through that experience already and have the scars to prove it?!



Well perhaps I can help


I like to think that my photoshoots are a little different



My guess is that you enjoy spending time with your kids, maybe going to the park or the woods so they can run around and have fun. They don't like to sit still and letting them off the leash to climb trees, jump in muddy puddles and generally make mischief means that everyone is happy. In fact you're probably a bit of a big kid yourself and and enjoy tree climbing and puddle jumping yourself



So how about if that is what the photoshoot was like? 


Mum, Dad, the kids, outside, having fun, happy and relaxed and me there too capturing some lovely photos of you all enjoying yourselves.



Let me show you




 Lots of fun


 Everyone having lots of fun


 And beautiful photographs


 How does that sound for a great Mother's Day present?!?!




You can buy a gift voucher for a photoshoot for £50.

With that you get:-


~ Advice about the location of the shoot and what to wear

~ My time on the day

~ An online viewing gallery

~ One 10" x 8" mounted print from the shoot



Then you can really spoil her and buying something like this




I think it's fair to say that the Mum in these photos LOVES them, as does the Dad. They had lots of fun during the shoot and now have a frame and some canvasses to see every day


So, if you're looking for a Mother's Gift that could really get you some brownie points then look no further


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