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An outdoor wedding in British weather, it's not renowned for being that reliable is it?!

So when Georgi & Neil told me they were planning a woodland wedding blessing at Umberslade Adventure in Warwickshire I wasn't sure whether I should be bringing my suncream or my wellies!!

Their plan was to have the legal ceremony a few days before but, to all intent and purposes, their wedding day would be an outdoor ceremony in a clearing in an ancient oak wood with a tipi for the wedding breakfast and party - it all sounded pretty amazing

Now add to this the fact that in the woods, is an adventure playground, with a zip wire, trampoline and climbing equipment, which is exclusively available for the wedding party - AWESOME!!

Outdoor wedding blessing in woodlands in Warwickshire

Throw in a Disney obsessed Bride, (just check out that Arial tattoo on her arm!) some Alice in Wonderland inspired details, a Doc Marten wearing Bridal party and a very cool Vicar to conduct the ceremony and you've got all the ingredients of a pretty fab day

It's not a walk in the park

To love each other

But when our fingers interlock,

Can't deny, can't deny you're worth it

Cause after all this time I'm still into you

Alice in Wonderland, Doc Martens and a Brighton Belle 50s style dress

I'm always awed by the amount of thought and effort that people put into planning their big day and over the last couple of years there has been an explosion in the amount of DIY wedding ideas that you see.

This one was no exception and during bridal prep you could start to see the fabulous ideas that had gone into this particular wedding

For example, there was a paper rose for each of the Bridesmaids to carry, carefully made from copies of Alice in Wonderland, the Bride's white patent leather Doc Marten boots had ribbons on them saying 'Queen of Hearts' and her amazing bouquet was a tribute to the book, with a little figurine of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet thrown in for good measure!

In amongst the details of course there's a group of people getting ready for a wedding and the early signs were that this one was going to be fun, relaxed and with maybe the odd tear!

Alice in Wonderland inspired wedding details
Bride with Ariel tattoo getting ready
BRidesmaid looking around during bridal prep
Black & white images from wedding preparations
Candid photo of laughing bridesmaid getting ready
Fly on the wall photograph of tattooed bride having her makeup done
Bridesmaid laughing as she does her friends hair
Bride in 50s style Brighton Belle dress
Bridesmaid in red polka dot dress tying up her black Doc Marten boots
Bride in white patent leather Doc Martens
black & white documentary image of bride seeing bride for first time in her dress
Emotional bride in Brighton Belle 50s style wedding dress wiping tear from her eye

Woodland blessing, hay bales, a few tears and a very cool Vicar!

So, if you go down to the woods today, you're in for a big surprise. In this case, my surprise was getting stuck behind the lady with the cake, driving at 5mph down a VERY LONG, bumpy track, (understandably) not wanting to bounce her car around too much in case the naked cake was damaged (it wasn't)

Umberslade Adventure calls itself 'Enchanting Woodland Weddings' for days like this, and you can see why. It feels quite magical as you walk through the carved wooden entrance and make your way along woodchip pathways until you reach a clearing. The first thing to catch the eye was the twin hats of the tipi, reaching up to the sky, shade in the sun or protection in the rain.

A little further on were bales of hay, arranged in rows and covered in horse blankets, ready and waiting for the woodland congregation. Along the way I went past a table weighed down with demijohns of pink lemonade (I'm sure there was probably some alcohol in there too!) and another bit of inspiration from Alice in Wonderland

Georgi & Neil were breaking with tradition by walking down the hay bale aisle together, and the whole bridal party made their way to the clearing with the Harry Potter theme music filling the air. Waiting to greet them at the end of the aisle was a vicar, the Father of one of the groomsmen, there to conduct their woodland blessing.

I have to say, he was one of the happiest, smiliest members of the clergy I've met and the whole ceremony was a joy

Tipt in woods got wedding reception at Umberslade Adventure
Hay bales in woodland clearing for outdoor blessing in Warwickshire
Alcoholic pink lemonade in the woods with Alice in Wonderland signs
Groom and groomsmen getting ready
Bridal party arriving in vintage VW campervan
Bride in 50s style dress and boho groom see each other for first time
Vicar arriving for woodland blessing
Bridal party make way to outdoor blessing
Black & white image of guests waiting for outdoor wedding
Emotional bride and groom arriving together for their blessing
Emotional bride in Brighton Belle dress in outdoor ceremony
Black & white wedding photo of bridesmaids during outdoor blessing
Vicar conducting woodland blessing
wedding guests looking at vicar during outdoor ceremony
emotional bridesmaid in red polka dot dress
black & white wedding photograph of bride & groom during open air wedding ceremony
candid photograph of groomsmen and bridesmaids during wedding blessing
Natural photograph of vicar conducting open air wedding in Warwickshire
wedding guests sitting on hay bales during warwickshire wedding
Smiling wedding guest during outdoor wedding - black & white
groom reading his vows during open air wedding
emotional bride looking away during woodland blessing
documentary b & w photograph of bride at enchanting woodland weddings
bride & groom hugging at umberslade adventure wedding
clapping guests during outdoor wedding
bride & groom having confetti thrown over them in the woods
b&w documentary wedding photograph of groomsmen

Zip-wires. trampolines, slides and good vibes

What else are going to do when you've got your own adventure playground? Play of course!

Bridesmaids coming down a slide
Bridesmaids in red polka dot dresses
Natural black & white photograph of wedding singer in the woods
guests at woodland wedding
bridesmaids chatting at umberslade adventure
wedding planner made from old pallet
black & white photograph of groomsmen at enchanting wonderland weddings
groom and friends on play equipment at umberslade adventure
groom on zip wire at umberslade adventure
bride and groom climbing with ropes at enchanting woodland weddings
alice in wonderland wedding breakfast
naked cake and alice in wonderland wedding details
unposed wedding speech photography
bride and bridesmaid get emotional during speeches
boho groom giving his speech in a tipi
guests enjoying speeches in tipi at umberslade adventure wedding
toast during speeches at tipi wedding - black & white image
bestmand during speeches in wedding tipi
groomsmen in the woods at enchanting woodland wedding
bridesmaids on zip wire
guests outside during drinks reception at warwickshire wedding
bride & groom on zip wire
drinks reception at umberslade adventure
guests using play equipment at woodland wedding
Outdoor wedding blessing in woodlands in Warwickshire
bride and groom on climbing frame
candid photos of bride and groom in the woods
groom giving bride a piggyback at umberslade adventure
bride and groom enjoying time together in woods
black & white photograph of groomsmen at enchanting wonderland weddings

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