5 Quirky, unusual and brilliant ideas for Wedding entertainment!

Keeping your guests entertained has never been so much fun

Wedding guests having space hopper race at Hartlebury Castle

More and more these days you see couples that are getting married wanting to do it their way, to keep hold of the traditions that mean something to them but not worrying about letting them go if it's not important to them

Alongside this there are more and more DIY wedding elements and I think hand in glove with this you get people wanting to find some entertainment for the drinks reception (or later on) that is a bit different, perhaps something their friends and family won't have seen before

As a wedding photographer I get to see so many wonderful things so I thought I'd share some of the more unusual ideas I've seen for fun & games, to perhaps inspire you!!

So, in no particular order, here we go

1. Wedding Tug of War

Black & white reportage image of tug of war contest at The Fleece Inn, Bretforton

What better way to add to the spirit of bonhomie at your wedding than split everyone up into two teams for a good old fashioned tug of war contest?!

This wedding was at the fabulous Fleece Inn, in Bretforton, right on the edge of the Cotswolds. It dates back to the 15th Century and is one of the few (only?!) pubs that is owned by the National Trust.

The huge beer garden is scattered with apple trees (it is near Evesham!) and is perfect for garden games, or in this instance, a traditional test of strength and determination

From somewhere the Groom had acquired a mightily long rope and the guests were split up into a work colleagues team and rugby club squad. Then, all was needed was for the Bride and utter those immortal words, 'take the strain' and away they went

There might have been a little bit of cheating going on involving wrapping the rope around a telegraph pole but hey, that just shows how determined they were to win doesn't it?!

Tug of war at wedding in The Cotswolds

Wedding guests taking part in tug of war at The Fleece Inn near Evesham

Cotswolds wedding tug of war contest

determined wedding guests gritting their teeth in tug of war contest at THe Fleece Inn, Bretforton

2. Decorate the 'Gingerbread Bride & Groom' Competition

Ice the gingerbread man at Fazeley Studios winter wedding

When you get married in the winter, you have got to contend with shorter days and a lot less chance of spending much time outside, but does that mean you can't still have some party games for the guests? Hell no!!!

What better way to find out if any of your friends is a budding Mary Berry than to get them to create their very own miniature version of you....in gingerbread!! After the wedding breakfast everyone cracked open the tubes of icing and got to work, it was amazing how varied the results were

You can also read more about this wedding if you follow this link - A Winter Wedding at Fazeley Studios

Ice the gingerbread man at Fazeley Studios wedding

Wedding decorate the gingerbread bride & groom at Fazeley Studios
Ice the gingerbread bride & groom at Fazeley Studios winter wedding

table full of decorated gingerbread men at Fazeley Studios wedding

3. Duck herding

wedding guests herding ducks at Cambridgeshire wedding

Yep, you did read that properly, duck herding

You mean you didn't know that was 'a thing'?

Well, me too actually! But once discovered, never forgotten and it's such a brilliant idea.

There was a little obstacle course set up for them including a slide down into a paddling pool which the ducks seemed to love. In fact, to be fair, I think the ducks had a better idea about where they were going than the guests did!!

The wedding was in the Cambridgeshire Countryside at South Farm and the ducks just added to the rural chilled vibe.

Brilliant fun and highly recommended

(In case you were wondering, the ducks didn't mysteriously change colour half way through, they had some of the subs bench to give the first ones a rest - it's tiring being a duck)

white ducks coming down a slide into a paddling pool

4. Wedding Pinata

Bride playing pinata at Matara Centre wedding

Now, you'd be forgiven for thinking that this is the preserve of children's parties, but you'd be wrong! It makes for great entertainment at a wedding party, seeing blindfolded guests swinging wildly, trying to whack the rainbow coloured, suspended paper donkey (that's a phrase I never thought I'd type in a blog!)

They didn't quite follow the internationally recognised rules for pinata of one whack each, everyone standing in a line, waiting to take a turn. This seemed to be more of an opportunity for some of the guests to release any pent up frustrations by repeatedly lashing out in the general direction of the paper mache creature, occasionally making contact

It was only a matter of time before the more determined swipers would finally do enough damage for the sweets inside to be released - I think the children at the wedding thought that Christmas had come early as they scrambled around on the floor to collect the spoils

All in all, lots and lots of fun

wedding guests playing pinata at Cotswolds wedding

Cotswolds wedding pinata

Matara centre wedding with pinata for the guests

Mother of the bride smashing pinata donkey at Matara centre wedding

5. Space Hopper races

Wedding guests at Hartlebury Castle having space hopper races

When you're in your wedding day finery, suit ironed, hair coiffed, new outfit being worn, what else are you going to do but have space hopper races?!?!


The Bride & Groom at this Hartlebury Castle wedding had hired loads of garden games like connect four, hook a duck and giant kerplunk (genius!) but the space hoppers actually belonged to the venue and suddenly appeared during the afternoon

Although there was an initial reluctance to give them a go, the Mother of the Bride soon whipped people in to shape and led the way, galloping across the grass on the orange inflatable bouncers

There were a few falls, a few guests that ended up flat on their back, laughing hysterically as their bouncing skills let them down somewhat. Meanwhile, I took my life in my hands by effectively becoming the finish line, sitting on the grass, capturing the hilarity as wave after wave of hoppers loomed into view

Hartlebury Castle wedding guests having space hopper races

Wedding guests at Hartlebury Castle having space hopper race

Wedding guest falling off during space hopper race at Hartlebury Castle

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