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Weddings...they take years to plan...don't they?!?

I know that when we got married we spent the best part of a year planning for it, going through all those difficult decisions about invitations, seating plan, favours, etc, etc. So it's no wonder that the average time to plan a wedding is over a year when there is so much to do.

But this image, in my series of blogs about My Favourite Wedding Images, is from a wedding that was planned in 6 weeks... a month and a half.....42 days!!!

Now, I should mention that Annie & Sam had been planning on getting married a year earlier but moving house and changing jobs had got in the way so plans had been put on hold. Then late last spring, now that they were more settled, they'd started wondering if it was possible to find a venue for a summer wedding

Some time spent on Google had highlighted the wonderful Sugnall Walled Garden which is a real gem of a venue. Annie & Sam had a church wedding at All Saints Church in Forton in Staffordshire, but you can also tie the not at Sugnall in their Orangery.

Unusually, it wasn't actually the Bride or Groom that contacted me about photographing the wedding, it was Annie's Mum. With both of them working full time and only 6 weeks to arrange everything her Mum played a vital role in helping to organise their big day, including, booking their photographer!!

It was lovely to meet up with the Bride & Groom before the wedding but I didn't actually get chance to meet her Mum until she arrived at the Church

Bride rushing to her wedding at Grafton Manor

I'm sure that every parent has a whirlwind of emotion when their child gets married. Joy & happiness, of course. Pride, I would imagine and perhaps a little wistful tear that their son or daughter has definitely now grown up.

Often, during the wedding ceremony, I'm right at the front, able to see reactions of the bride & groom but also of their guests. I've said it before that a wedding is made up of lots of little moments which together tell the story of the day and often it's the reaction of the the guests which highlight each stage of the day

So, I'm always alert, both to the 'main event' and also the assembled watchers. In this instance, knowing how involved the Bride's Mum had been in the arrangements I was especially keen to see how she reacted.

That's why I've singled out this images as a favourite as I think it says so much. The Vicar has just announced that Annie & Sam are now married and you can see, although they're not in the focal plane, that they're overjoyed. But it's the reaction of her Mum that stands out for me.

Bursting with pride, beaming from ear to ear, clasping her hands in joy, she's the epitome of a parent, glowing with delight

If you'd like to see more then take a look at the full blog for this Sugnall Walled Garden Wedding

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