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Bikes & lemons, cakes & puns, lots of tears, and 'gypsophila-gate' !!!

Silhouette of Bride & Groom at sunset at Wethele Manor wedding

How do most brides get ready for their wedding day?

A few little last minute jobs to do perhaps, one I spoke to the day before her wedding was on her way to get her nails done, relaxing and chilling would be nice

How about baking..... a lot of baking....... LOTS AND LOTS OF BAKING!!

That's what Steph was doing just before her wedding having decided not only to make her own wedding cakes (plural) but also tray bakes to be individually sliced and boxed for all the wedding favours.

Traditionally a wedding cake was rich fruit cake. which could be made months beforehand, but Steph and Chris went for cheesecake - five of them of them to be exact!! So the lead up to their wedding involved much testing, tasting and baking to get everything ready

But Chris certainly wasn't sitting around doing nothing except test cake samples (although I think there was a certain amount of this!)

They're both keen mountain bikers and wanted to reflect their love for velocipedes (thank you!!) on their big day.

Hence, a project for Chris to renovate a derelict bike and also make a wheel based table plan and photo gallery - all very DIY!!

I think it's wonderful when couples inject their own interests and passions into their wedding day as it gives it real personality, even if it is a lot of work!


Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air

I know I can count on you

Sometimes I feel like saying "Lord I just don't care

"But you've got the love I need

To see me through

Bridgnorth Reportage Wedding Photography

Getting ready at the venue meant that there were lots of friends around to help with cutting up the tray-bakes, putting them in boxes and placing them on the tables for later.

It also meant there were people around to help with 'gypsophila-gate'

Now WHAT, you may be asking, is 'gypsophila-gate'?!

Well, after the flowers had been delivered, bouquets put in water and button holes checked something was missing, there was no gypsophila.

This was going to be used in the hair of each of the bridesmaids so whilst not a show-stopper it was going to mean a last minute change of plan, unless some could be sourced, on a Sunday, in the Shropshire countryside

Steph was a pretty chilled out bride so was fairly relaxed about the impending floral calamity, as much phoning around by bridesmaids and the wife of the Best Man began until, at last, success, crisis averted, they found some!!!

Bridal prep at Mill Barns near Bridgnorth

Getting ready at Mill Barns wedding venue

Groom arriving at Mill Barns wedding venue

Bicycle wheel table plan

Lemon jar wedding table centrepieces

Bicycle wheel wedding decorations at Mill Barns in Shropshire

Groom getting ready at Mill Barns, Bridgnorth

Candid, unposed, Shropshire wedding photographer

With everything in place it was time for a wedding, then drinks, food, cake (of course!) musi, roulette and dancing

What a fabulous way to spend your wedding day!!

Of course, if you'd like to have a chat about your wedding photography then please get in touch!!

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