Last minute practice for Dad - My favourite images

Whenever I'm photographing a wedding I find that I'm always looking around, trying not to miss anything, observing people all the time

I want my images to tell a story so it's important to capture different elements of the day. Some are the big showpieces like the actual marriage ceremony itself. Whilst others might seem less significant, but still play a part in building the narrative of the day

Here is an image from a wedding last year, where the Bride was getting ready at her parents house along with five bridesmaids, her fiances daughter and of course her parents. So it's safe to say that her Dad was definitely outnumbered by the girls!

With most people enjoying a bite to eat outside before the serious business of getting ready began, I noticed her Dad disappear off into his shed

Bride rushing to her wedding at Grafton Manor

I was intrigued!!

With the door left open I looked down the path to see him perched on a stool, piece of paper in his hand, reading it intently. It took me a minute to realise that he was giving his Father of the Bride speech a final read through, away from the hurly burly of the house.

I love little moments like this as I think they truly capture something, a little piece of the story. A few hours later on, everyone was standing outside in the sunshine listening to his speech and I was taken back to this moment of solitude in the morning. As the Bride's Dad rehearsed one final time the words he had written about his daughter

You can see more of this Moat Shed wedding in a full blog

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