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Peacocks, dodging the showers, tattoo revelations and power lifting

How many wedding venues do you know that have their own Post Office?!

My list has less than two on it with the honour going to How Caple Court, near Hereford. How Caple is also somewhere else I can add to my list of 'Doomsday listed wedding venues' which is a longer list!!

If you're looking for a wedding venue in Herefordshire then you should definitely check out How Caple Court especially if any of the following on on your wishlist:-

~ Historic country house high above the River Wye - Tick

~ Views towards the Forest of Dean and Welsh Mountains - Tick

~ 11 acres of gardens that date from Edwardian times - Tick

~ Formal terraces, rose garden, yew hedges, pools and statues - Tick

~ Stunning outdoor locations to get married - TICK, TICK, TICK!!!


Two of a kind

We'll find a way

To do what we've done

Let me be the one who shines with you

And we can slide away

Herefordshire Wedding Photojournalism

Hmmmm......stunning outdoor locations to get married

That's probably where rain isn't a good idea, right? Just a hunch?!??

So after a summer of sun, blazing hot days, barely a cloud in the sky and hardly a drop of rain, black clouds on the BBC weather app isn't what you want to see when you're planning on getting married outside, on the lawn, high above the River Wye :-(

When I spoke to Nikki in the middle of the week it was a case of wait and see, but 'hopefully we'll be outside'.

Time to keep everything crossed I think

Now the problem with weather, and weather forecasts, is that it changes. So day by day the forecast kept changing, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Grrrrrr

The day of the wedding it was looking promising, but still a bit dodgy. So when I arrived at the venue and found Nikki she told me that the decision had been made - inside.

Not what they'd planned but decision made, time to enjoy the prosecco and finish getting ready for the wedding

But wait a minute, whilst Nikki was closeted away in an old stable block, not really able to keep an eye on the clouds, Dewi had no such restrictions. So when he arrived with the boys he was able to bypass the BBC app and look across the valley and what did he see? BLUE SKY

With the use of some intermediaries to review the inside/outside debate we were back to Plan A - outside - happy dance - they were going to get the outdoor ceremony they wanted!!!

Relaxed Herefordshire wedding photographer

You're probably wondering if the weather gods were kind to Nikki & Dewi?

Errr sort of!!

Some sun, some rain showers, but rather conveniently the worse of the rain fell during the wedding breakfast when everyone was under cover - another happy dance!!

What was the tattoo revelation?!

Well, all I'll say about that is that the Best man revealed in his speech the he and the Groom have 'complimentary' inkings in a region that doesn't often see the light of day!!

I'd love to know what you think of the blog so please leave a comment below or if you'd like to discuss your wedding then please get in touch!!

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