Electric Cinema Wedding Photography | Katie + Sean

Sneak Peek of this fab Birmingham wedding!!!

Bride & groom outside Electric Cinema in Birmingham having confetti thrown on them

A couple of years ago I was asked if I was available to photograph a wedding in Birmingham at The Electric Cinema, a fabulous venue. Now here's the thing, my wife was pregnant with our second child at the time and what was the due date? You got it, the date of the wedding!

There was no way I was going to risk not being at the birth, and no was I was going to risk letting the couple down, so had to say no (as it happened, Baby Brightman No.2 was 10 days late!), but the venue remained somewhere I really wanted to work

So when Katie & Sean's wedding came along I jumped at the opportunity to photograph it and it didn't disappoint

I wanna be your vacuum cleaner

Breathing in your dust

I wanna be your Ford Cortina

I will never rust

If you like your coffee hot

Let me be your coffee pot

You call the shots babe

I just wanna be yours

City Centre historic cinema, tears galore and an epic party!

Photograph of Birmingham Electric Cinema before a wedding

Now, when you think about a cinema what springs to mind? A favourite movie perhaps? Pick 'n' mix? The world's biggest containers of popcorn?!

Probably not windows though?!

There's a reason for that, cinemas don't have windows, it kind of helps to enjoy the film if it's dark doesn't it

Now, what is it that all photographers tend to be obsessed with?


So, a wedding in a wonderfully historic cinema, two people very much in love declaring their lifelong commitment to each other, but with very little light


Of course, it's common on the dance floor for it to not exactly be brightly lit, but you can work with that and add light in with flashguns. But one of the standard requirements from the person conducting a wedding ceremony is NO FLASH

Hmmm, Houston we may have a problem

Unposed, documentary wedding photography

I always try to meet up with the couple before their big day, to have a chat about their plans and if it's a new venue for me, then we tend to have a wander around it too. So one January day we had about ten minutes before the lunchtime film to have a look at the cinema.

Because my wedding photography is documentary in approach I'm not looking for where I can pose people, just to get a feel for the day, to help me anticipate proceedings, to visualise what might happen and to check out the light!

Now modern digital cameras are phenomenal when it comes to their low light capabilities and Katie & Sean weren't going to be getting married in the dark. In fact, cinemas are wonderfully atmospheric with faces picked out by the reflected light from the screen during a film and, in this case, from the light of the bulbs in a large white heart that they'd hired for the day

At The Electric Cinema they really do go to town to give you the full movie- going experience with your names top of the bill at the entrance, your own movie poster in the lobby and the opportunity to start the ceremony with your own film

Katie and Sean had chosen some of their favourite romantic film clips and edited them together into a wonderful movie montage, so whilst the bride-to-be was seeing the registrar, their guests were mesmerised by the silver screen

Mother of the bride before wedding ceremony at birmingham electric cinema

wedding guests watching a film at the electric cinema in birmingham

emotional wedding guest at birmingham's electric cinema

black & white documentary wedding photograph of groom before the ceremony

With Katie unable to resist having a little look as she waited to make her entrance!

Bride peering around the door at the electric cinema before her wedding

thoughtful looking groom, moments before his wedding at the electric cinema in birmingham

excited looking bridesmaid walking down the cinema aisle at electric cinema wedding

reportage black & white image of bride and her father walking down the aisle at The Electric Cinema in Birmingham

Bride looking up at groom just before wedding ceremony at birminghams electric cinema

side view of bride and her father, just about to walk up on the stage for her wedding at the electric cinema

wedding ceremony at birmingham's electric cinema

emotional wedding guests in cinema seats at The Electric Cinema in Birmingham

B&W image of bride and groom kissing at the end of their wedding ceremony at The Electric Cinema

happy mother of the bride and bridesmaid watching wedding ceremony at Birmingham's electric cinema

delighted bride with her fists aloft after her wedding ceremony in birmingham at the electric cinema

Then, after the ceremony, a walk through Chinatown to their reception at The Penthouse @ The Loft

wedding guests walking through centre of birmingham to the reception in candid photograph

black & white storytelling photograph of bride & groom making their way through central birmingham to their wedding reception

bride & groom in front of some graffiti in centra lbirmingham

excited bride walking through China town in Birmingham to her wedding reception

black & white backlit photograph of bride getting her dressed straightened as she pauses to talk to her bridesmaid in central birmingham

wedding guests enjoying themselves at The Loft in Birmingham

laughing bride and bridesmaids with the groom at The Loft in Birmingham

laughing bride looking at her husband after her birmingham wedding

bride and her friends drinking jager bombs at Birmingham Loft wedding reception

storytelling wedding photograph during speeches at birmingham penthouse wedding reception

black & white photograph of the first dance at wedding reception at Birmingham penthouse

bride holding on to her flower crown during first dance at birmingham penthouse

confetti cannons being fired on to dancefloor during first dance at birmingham penthouse wedding reception

happy bride and groom dancing with their guests at their birmingham penthouse wedding reception

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