Documentary family photography - When three became four

Most of my family photography is outdoors, that's how I came up with the name for my new Facebook and Instagram pages!

There is a reason for going outside, other than the beautiful surrounds. It's to allow children to be themselves, to let them run free and their personalities to shine.

But what happens when the family have a baby and want to capture those early days of family life? You're certainly not going to have them running around, they're still months away from crawling, so a different approach is needed.

That's when The Outdoor Family Photographer comes indoors!!

Family photoshoot in Shropshire

In the spring of last year I got my first chance to try a different approach to newborn photography. Rather than lots of isolated shots of the baby, wrapped up and posed to optimise the cute factor, this was about capturing a family at home, together and enjoying their new addition

Mum & Dad already have a son so were no strangers to a newborn baby, but I know from personal experience that going from one to two children is a BIG change. As well as the needs of the baby you've also got a more grown up child with their own demands and needs

So the approach to photographing the family was to show them as they are, to spend some time with them, to photograph and document those early days when three became four

"I never thought through love we’d be

Making one as lovely as she

But isn’t she lovely made from love”

I found it such a wonderful experience, spending time with them. Sometimes all of them together, other times either Mum or Dad cuddling the baby whilst big brother entertained himself.

Just ordinary, family times but there can be so much magic in the ordinary, never underestimate it

If you've enjoyed this style of 'at home' family photography then you can see more of it in this gallery

Or if you're interested in booking a shot then please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you

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