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When two cat lovers get married with feline puns galore!!

Emotional Bride at the start of her Bridgnorth barn wedding

Cast your mind back a few weeks to when the nation was gripped by football fever.

'30 years of hurt' had become closer to 40 years of pain but a certain manager in a waistcoat seemed to have found the right medicine to restore some English pride with a team that looked like a team, that sang the national anthem, and actually won some World Cup games

It was the day of the quarter final against Sweden, a Saturday, in the summer, a pretty popular day to get married!

I'm sure that up and down the land during the world cup football fans were looking at different permutations of fixtures and then hastily consulting diaries to see if there was a clash

Well, for any of the football fans at Kim & Oli's Bridgnorth barn wedding it was very kind of FIFA to schedule the game well after the ceremony so there was never any risk of furtive checking of the score during the ceremony!

Most of the game was whilst everyone was eating and apart from the odd mobile phone i-player app the focus was very much on the happy couple and the very important reason that every one was there


I get to love you, it’s the best thing that I’ll ever do

I get to love you, it’s a promise I’m making to you

Whatever may come; your heart I will choose

Forever I’m yours, forever I do

I get to love you, I get to love you

Shropshire Barn Wedding Photography

I love seeing how different couples respond to the build up to their wedding, it's a real expose on human emotion.

You get the totally laid back groom who becomes a blubbering mess as soon as the opening bars of the arrival music kicks in and the one was spends the entire ceremony looking like the cat that got the cream. There are relaxed brides, stressed brides, nervous brides and very excited brides.

Often it's a shared experience with family and close friends around you to embrace the excitement and help you through the nerves

Something I've not seen before is the bridal party having a practice arrival into the ceremony complete with very theatrical fake tears from the bride and a twirl from one of the bridesmaids that wouldn't have looked out of place on Strictly!!

Later on in the morning those fake tears were looking like they were going to appear for real until one of other bridesmaids stepped in with a great distraction technique - make her laugh and then she won't cry - brilliant!!

Emotional Bride at the start of her Bridgnorth barn wedding

Relaxed, unposed, Shropshire wedding photographer

After all that emotion, time to relax and party, and maybe sneak a look at the football too!!

I've written a blog about ideas for wedding entertainment and one that is guaranteed to get a great reaction from your guests is a close-up magician. Goodness knows how many years of practice they have to put in to perfect their slight of hand tricks. Kim & Oli had hired Owen Strickland who is one of the best lots of head scratching and shocked faces!!

Kim & Oli definitely take the prize for quirkiest bridesmaids and bridesman gifts - Elsa wig, blow up doll and boob pillow anyone?!!

Then later on we had an impromptu performance of 'YMCA', a celebratory second dance of Three Lions, and some Super Mario characters, obvs!!

I'm lucky that I get to photograph weddings all over the country so if you're planning your big day, wherever, it is, then please get in touch!!

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