Bluebell Photoshoots - A Violet Carpet in the Woods

I love the springtime

After the winter you can get a week by week arrival of flowers and colours starting with snowdrops and crocus, then daffodils and blossom, followed by bluebells, heralding the end of spring and that summer is just around the corner

There seems something magical about the abundance of violet coloured little flowers that cover the woodland floor up and down the land

Lifestyle family photoshoot in Bluebell wood near Wolverhampton

There is something about them which makes them a popular choice as a backdrop for photographs. But their tendency to grow in the woods makes that a challenge with the dappled sunlight that ensues on a spring day making things tricky

I find that first thing in the morning or later on in the afternoon is a good time with sun lower in the sky and often lighting the floral woodland floor by coming in under the canopy

When parents book me for a family photoshoot I'm often asked about the best things to wear. Whilst I'm certainly no fashion expert(!) I have put together a guide to getting the most from a lifestyle photoshoot which I send out to my clients. This includes some links to Pinterest galleries I've put together that give lots of examples of which colours work well together

So with the violet-blue of the bluebells then a child dressed in yellow works really well. These two primary colours compliment each other perfectly and the cheeriness of the yellow stands out against the blue background

Bluebell photoshoot in Shropshire

There are some great websites that can help you find your local bluebell wood.

The Woodland Trust have a guide to their various woods up and down the country.

Or The National Trust have a guide to where to find them across their properties in the Midlands

We've also got some wonderful places for bluebells right on our doorstep, but you might need to book a bluebell photoshoot to find out where they are ;-)

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