Follow the Leader - My favourite Wedding images

My series of single images from weddings continues with one from a wedding at The Old Vicarage in Worfield in Shropshire

Normally at a wedding I start during Bridal prep.

It tends to be quite relaxed at the beginning, female friends and family together, often enjoy a glass of fizz, starting to get excited about the big day.

There's a gradual build up as the clock ticks by and the time to leave gets ever closer. I've photographed some weddings where everyone is super organised and are ready to leave in good time

I've done others where it's been a frantic rush at the end to ensure that everyone is ready

This image is from the wedding of Charlotte & James and to be honest, the preparation was pretty chilled, even though they have three children so there were more people to get ready than just the bride

There had been some rain in the morning but thankfully by the afternoon it had cleared leaving a few puddles in the courtyard outside the cottage where Charlotte was getting ready

As it gets closer and closer to the time of the wedding I often find myself getting pulled in two directions. I like to photograph the guests arriving and the groom as he anticipates the arrival of his bride

But I also like to photograph the bridal party as they finish their preparations and leave for the ceremony

At The Old Vicarage you can do all of this as the bride gets ready about 40 yards from where the ceremony will be

So that's why I was able to see them as they left the cottage and headed, procession like across the courtyard, trying to dodge the puddles

The wedding coordinator is lifting her dress up off the floor with her Mum, bridesmaid and sons following on

I love the sense of purpose that you get from the photograph as they all follow the bride

I often talk about wedding photography as telling stories and this is just one page of a single chapter, but each is as important as the next

My hope is that when Charlotte looks at this photograph she remembers exactly how she felt, her nerves, her excitement and her anticipation as she makes her way to get married

To see more of the images in this series then take a look through my blog or click here.


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