2016 - A year of Wedding Photography

So, another year over, a new one just begun (I've not intentionally quoted a lyric there, it just came out!)

If you're a wedding photographer it seems obligatory to write a blog looking back at the previous year and I can understand why. Sitting down over the last few days to look back at all weddings I photographed last year has brought back so many wonderful memories. It's a honour to be asked to document a couples' big day as it's such an important chapter in their life.

But as well as reminiscing I've also been trying to choose some favourites that somehow sum up the year for me, no mean feat I can assure you. My first attempt gave me a collection of 350 images, perhaps a few too many for even the most ardent of fans to look through!

So how do I choose? How do I bring together a more manageable number of images that somehow summarise my year of weddings? Well, I've chosen images that hopefully epitomise my approach to wedding photography and show what I think is important which can be summarised in single words;


This picture is a perfect example of what I mean. It's during the speeches and the Groom is taking his turn and as I turn around to look at the audience I see the Bride, clearly wrapped up in the emotion of his words and her Mum, a reassuring hand on her back as she fights to hold back the tears.

I think what I love most about photographing weddings is that I don't know what's going to happen. Of course I know there's going to be a wedding ceremony (obvs!) I know there will probably be speeches, there is normally a first dance and there are plenty more expected elements to each and every wedding

But, you still don't know what's going to happen. It's all those little unscripted moments that I love; When a Father hugs his soon to be married daughter when he first sees her in her dress; A Bride or Groom (or one of their guests) trying to hold back the tears during their wedding vows: The sheer joy that children often bring to a wedding day as they ignore all requests for co-operation and just do their own thing!

All these things and more are what I love about weddings and I'm always on the look out for the less obvious, a different perspective, an alternative point of view.

In this selection there are no picturesque landscapes with a Bride & Groom in one corner (well, maybe one that crept in!), no back-lit shots of the newlyweds solemnly facing each other as though they're doing the mannequin challenge and no cheesy photographs of the Groomsmen holding the Bride. Because stunning as these shots can often be they tend to lack something that I think is really important, emotion.

After I posted a preview on Facebook from a recent wedding a friend of the Bride left a comment saying that she loved the photos because they were so stripped back and honest. I couldn't have been happier to read her words because this is exactly what I aim for.

So this selection of images from last year is all about real moments and real emotion.

You can either watch it as a slideshow

Or just look at the images

Hope you enjoy!!

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