Triple Trouble - my favourite Wedding images

This is from a wedding in Stourbridge, West Midlands that I photographed last summer, but it doesn't feature the Bride or the Groom.

With my documentary style of wedding photography my eye is always roving around looking for things to capture.

I know that it's impossible for the Bride & Groom to see everything that happens on their wedding day so if I think part of my job is to photograph little moments, things that they might have missed that all play a part in telling the story of their day.

At this wedding there were lots of children and the happy couple have three of their own. I always find that when you have children at a wedding they give you lots of potential for photographs. They tend to be less uptight about a camera than adults and behave in a very natural way

The three children in this image had caught my eye a few minutes earlier when they'd been running around on the dance-floor. It was well before the DJ started but that just meant there was lots of space for them to play!

The reception venue was a rugby club (you can just make out the stadium seating in the background) so the view from the window was of the pitch. I guess that after furiously dashing around the dance-floor one of them decided they wanted a rest and then as is often the case with children the others followed suit.

So as I turned back to look at them I saw all three of them kneeling/standing on chairs looking out of the window and just knew that I had to take a photograph.

Why do I like it so much?

Well, to me, an image like this just instantly says 'wedding'.

You can see that all three of them are dressed up in a suit and dresses, in fact one of them was a flower-girl. I think that being dressed up is partly why children at weddings tend to get so excited but this image is a moment of reflection, a pause in their play.

I think they look both grown up and also the epitome of childhood at the same time.

I knew that when I came to edit this image it had to be in black & white. Although you don't get to see the colour of the girls dresses I find that an image in black & white really draws your eye in to the people in the shot and takes away any other distraction. It focuses your eye on the three children and makes you wonder what they're saying or what they're looking at


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