"Dad, don't dance!!" - my favourite Wedding images

It was April last year and I was at a wedding with my camera. Nothing too unusual about that! But this was a bit different because I was there as a guest and joint Best Man, not as the wedding photographer.

Being a photographer I tend to take my camera everywhere and this was no exception. I've always enjoyed taking photographs at weddings, even before I became a professional, as there is always so much going on and so many moments to capture.

Of course they had their official wedding photographers there and as they were busy taking some shots of the newly-weds I was casting my eye around to see what else was happening on this glorious spring day. This is when I took this shot.

In the photograph you see the other Best Man with his daughter on the left. As you can probably tell the two girls on the right are singing, I think they were doing mock auditions for X-Factor at the time! They were doing a great job and really getting into it when the Best Man decided to join in and have a little dance no doubt thinking that all the girls would think he was really cool!

Although you can't see his daughters face you can tell she's looking at him and I think her body language says she was giving him a withering look to say "PLEASE don't embarrass me Dad in front of my friends". I love it because of that interaction between Dad and Daughter and I think it's just such a perfect wedding moment.

With the hurly burly of a wedding the Bride & Groom can't possibly see everything that happens so I'm always delighted if I'm able to capture some of these little golden moments for them to look back on.

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