Discussing important stuff!! - my favourite Wedding images

This is a photograph from the wedding of Beth & Josh from the summer.I was actually there assisting the main photographer so in a way the pressure was off me and I was able to roam around a little bit looking for great moments to capture whilst she was busy with the more formal shots.

As you can probably guess, the wedding had been in a church, on a glorious sunny afternoon. After the ceremony the guests were milling around in the church yard as the formal shots were being taken. Whilst looking around to see what was going on this group caught my eye and I just had to photograph it.

What we have in the image is the groom, with his back to the camera, who is holding his young son. To the right we have one of his best friends and three young chaps looking on as the groom talks to an older relative.

To me it tells such a story. Perhaps the groom is receiving words of wisdom about marriage and parenthood as the younger generarion listen on. I'm sure that if the group had been chatting a couple of hours later then they'd have all had a pint glass in their hands but being in the chuirch yard it was more respectful even with one of them leaning on a gravestone.

It's moments like this at weddings that I'm always looking for. They're such great occasions for bringing people together and I think it's important to record this as it's all these little moments which together create a wonderful memory of the day

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