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Behind the lens

Hi, I'm Nick!

I'm husband to Clair and Dad to two little girls, Eloise (looking very excited!) and  baby Daisy (with Clair)

Being married and a parent myself means that I've got a good understanding about how important it is to capture those special memories

Now. like most photographers I know, I much prefer being behind the lens than in front of it, which is why there are thousands of photos of Clair and the girls and very few of me! 


But I'm lucky that as my own Dad is a photographer (wonder I how ended up doing it too?!?!) he's also there clicking away whenever we meet up. Plus, there are lots of wonderful pictures to look back on that always bring back happy memories of my own childhood. 

5 things about me


I proposed on a gondola in Venice and nearly fell in!


My wife didn't know where we were going on honeymoon until we got to the airport


I'm vegetarian

My wife isn't

(Makes mealtimes fun!)


I'm a proud Yorkshireman hailing from Sheffield originally


One of my favourite place is a village called Kettlewell in the Yorkshire Dales

So why documentary wedding photography and why family lifestyle photography?

Well, I try to take the kind of photographs that I like myself. Ones that really capture the moment (a cliche I know!), that will bring back a memory and spark an emotion whether it's tears or laughter.

I think that images like these are perfectly suited to weddings and family photoshoots. When you look back at your images I want you to remember how you felt when the photograph was taken, remember why you were smiling or why you were crying. 

A wedding is such a huge step in life for a couple and everyone has their own take on how they want their wedding to be. I love being able to capture all those little nuances (good word that!) that make each wedding and each family unique

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